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Cambridge O level


Academic stress can be so hectic for students sometimes. We don’t even realise the extent of this stress and how it may lead to anxiety issues. It imposes pressure on student’s minds that may disturb the psychological state of the student. The higher academic stress affects student’s approach and makes them distracted from learning.

An individual needs academic training with proper guidance to balance academic and personal life simultaneously, so it doesn’t keep students in shallow water and increases their capacity to learn.

O-level is a worldwide accepted and most competitive degree, and to achieve good grades in your o-level exam; you need to get your hands on top coaching centres.

Your O-level result defines your future. If you want to get into the world’s top universities, you ought to get good grades to get accepted from those universities.

Edify education is an academic coaching and training platform with various coaching options that also provides you with O-level online classes in Pakistan. It’s considered one of the top online learning o-level institutes in Pakistan which provides online learning O-level. They aim to build skillful professionals in the market and prepare them to lead in the world.

By providing a concrete ground for all courses of Cambridge, we fill all kinds of academic gaps that are essential to fill for the personality development of every student. We offer tuition by experienced and qualified teachers in the following O Level subjects:

⦿ Islamiyat
⦿ Urdu 
⦿ Pakistan Studies
⦿ English Language
⦿ English Literature
⦿ Physics
⦿ Chemistry
⦿ Biology
⦿ Computer Science
⦿ Information & Communication Technology (ICT)
⦿ Mathematics
⦿ Additional Mathematics
⦿ Statistics
⦿ Accounting
⦿ Economics
⦿ Business Studies
⦿ Sociology
⦿ Global Perspectives
⦿ Environmental Management

We conduct tests regularly and allocate adequate time for past paper practice. Furthermore, Mock Examinations are also conducted to make students accustomed to the pattern of Cambridge and Pearson Edexcel examinations.